2 023 m run
10 km 5 750 m run


11:00: 10 km 5 750 m start

13:00: 2 023 m start

Start on both distances from the marathon start gate of the World Athletics Championships.

Time Limit

The 10 km distance must be completed within 1 hour 30 minutes (net time adjusted to the start time of the last starter).

A final bus will follow the peloton at a steadily slowing average pace of 9:00 min/km. Participants who catch up must board the bus and may not enter the finish area.

Race Number (BIB) Collection

Race numbers (BIBs) can be collected at the race center located in the car park next to the Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok)

26 August:
between 6:00-10:00

27 August:
starts at 6:00 and finishes no later than 60 minutes before the start of the chosen distance.

Start List

The list of pre-registered participants for each event can be >>> found here.

Awarding Categories

Both distances:

Men’s Absolute: 1st to 3rd places
Women’s Absolute: 1st to 3rd places


Results will be updated on the results page after the finish.

Results lists will also be published in age group rankings.


There will be refreshment stations at the start/finish area and along the 10 km route:

Refreshment 1 (Andrássy út) 2,1 km
Refreshment 2 (Attila út) 4,9 km
Refreshment 3 (Andrássy út) 7,44 km
At the finish

Please be responsible for taking refreshments from the tables at the stations using paper cups. It is important not to place used or empty cups back on the refreshment table.

We kindly request participants not to litter along the route and instead dispose of any waste in the designated containers provided at the refreshment stations.


UHF chips will be attached to the back of your race number (BIB) for accurate timing.

Please pay attention to the following instructions regarding your race number (BIB):

Keep the number visible on your belly/breast area throughout the race (a number belt is allowed)!

It is strictly prohibited to cover the race number (BIB)!

Do not remove, fold, or pierce the chip on the back of the number with a safety pin!

Make sure you wear your assigned race number (BIB) during the entire race!

Both at the start and finish, ensure you cross the chip mat under the gate to register your timing!

After crossing the finish line, please proceed away from the timing point promptly!


For any questions, please contact us here: